Halal Certification

Why Go Halal

  • Tap global Halal food market worth >USD 560 billion
  • Enhance marketability of products to >1.67billion muslims worldwide. 200 million of whom are in middle east
  • Fastest growing population @ 1.82% per year. By 2030 muslim will constitute more than 1/4 of the global population
  • Two strong markets for Halal food:

    • Southeast Asia
      • >250 million Halal consumers
      • Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore-Regulations on Halal food
      • Thailand, the Philippines-Halal activities are gaining more momentum

    • Middle East
      • Muslim-majority region
      • Halal certification mandatory for meat & meat-based imported products
      • Large import of Halal products from Muslim-minority countries
      • South Africa (7 mil Muslims)
      • Singapore (6 mil Muslims)
      • China (26.5 mil Muslims)
      • India (151 mil Muslims)
Understanding Halal

  • General Requirements
    • Does not contain ingredients and/or derivatives from non-Halal sources
    • Use equipment that is free from contamination with non-Halal items
    • Fully segregated from non-Halal items (use of signage)
    • Comply with hygiene and sanitation requirements
Developing Halal Products

  • Dairy Products
    • Milks and eggs are generally Halal
    • Cheese is rendered as Syubhah
      • Status of cheese depends on the origin of the enzymes
      • Microbial enzymes are generally Halal
      • Enzymes from porcine origin are not Halal
    • Ensure that other additives (e.g. emulsifiers) are Halal

  • Meat Products
    • Ensure that the meat source is Halal-certified
    • Avoid ingredients such as pork extract, lard, natural Bacon flavour
    • Ensure that the casings used (for sausages) are Halal
      • Natural & collagen casing – must come from Halal slaughtered animals
      • Cellulose casing – generally suitable for Halal use

Obtaining Halal Certification

Typical Halal Certification Process

rt Significance of Halal food & certification
  • Assurance to all
  • Boost product marketability
  • Consumer demand met